Thursday, July 20, 2017

5 ways I get rid of Reader's Block

Hello Fellow Readers,
We know all about writer’s block, that pesky bug that writers get that makes them unable to continue writing our favorite series. Writers usually have a couple of tricks to help combat the block, but did you know readers can get blocked too? Being a book blogger, I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten a block when reading a book, usually one I promised to review. There’s a couple of other things that can get into the way of reading, but that is for another post on a different day. Here are some of my tricks for getting back into the reading groove.

Reread a Old Favorite

When I start to stutter in a book I am currently reading, I set that book aside and start reading a chapter of a favorite book of mine. By rereading a book I am familiar with, it allows my eyes and mind to settle back into the groove of reading without the stress of processing new material.

Read a poem or short novella

Are you reading a long-winded epic fantasy adventure, with a new world, magic and a long list of characters that all contribute in some way to the plot? Hmm, you say there’s still 4 or 5 more books left in the series and it’s yet to be done? You need to read something short and sweet to help get back into the groove. Usually a book of poems, or a short novella are my go tos. This allows me to quickly read through and refresh my mind so it’s ready to dive back into the mountains of some name I don’t know how to pronounce.

Listen to some music

Listening to music before, during or after reading can sometimes help set the tone for whatever your reading. Gonna settle in for a steamy romance, maybe some sexy Barry White? A Fantasy novel is waiting on your desk, well it needs some awesome adventure music to go along? For whatever novel you're awaiting to read, I guarantee there is some sort of playlist out there waiting to be discovered. I feel music and reading compliment each other very well you just gotta look.

Read something easy and lighthearted

You just finished that long angsty tear jerker and now you want to stab yourself in the eye with a knife because how can a book so great give you a ending like that? Oh, Emotions! You can never read anything again because feelings! Well you need to reset your mood and your mind, why don’t you pick up that book about that spunky barista detective?

Put the Book Down and Go Outside

Step away from the book, put those flip flops on and breathe some fresh air. Talk to some real life people, interact with your family, or maybe just eat something. Whatever it is just put the book down and take a break. Your body and mind both need the mental break, and just sometimes it just needs something physical to balance it out.

Hopefully this helps you get back into your reading, as it does with me.


  1. Usually reading something lighthearted helps me. Contemporary is my go to when I'm in a slump. I just read 3 in a row after not reading a book for a month! haha Great tips :)

  2. Great list! I just got out of a huge reading slump myself and I found that rereading an old favorite or reading somethings lighthearted usually works. Or just doing something else for a while like binge watching a tv show or doing some sports can also always help :)