Friday, July 14, 2017

Inheritance of Curses; D. J Holmes

*This book was given to me for a honest and unbiased review*

'Driven by a lust for powerful blood, the first LeFey plunged the Four Houses of Magic into a century of conflict. Survivors of the Great War, desperate to repair their tattered worlds, signed a treaty banning any contact between the Houses of fae, werewolf, vampire and witch. And for over a thousand years that treaty has held strong...
Haunted by the dark talents she once embraced, Rose LeFey is determined to confront her manipulative aunt and prove she’s finished with blood magic. Instead, she stumbles into a basement full of prisoners and a false-mate bond with an insanely attractive, and utterly forbidden, werewolf.As lust tears into her hard-earned self-control, Rose realizes the werewolf was bait. Her aunt wants to unleash war on the magical Houses and humans alike—with Rose at her side. To stop that from happening, Rose must deny both her own deadly powers and the temptation to turn the false mate-bond real.'

Title: Inheritance of Curses
Author: D.J. Holmes
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Where to read: On a quest with different types of friends


Hello Fellow Readers,

I am so glad that my first review back from my hiatus was this book! From start to finish there was always something happening that it kept me engrossed in the story the entire time! I really like the characters and surprisingly there wasn't one I didn't dislike, except for the bad guy but you kinda have to dislike them so its okay. The writing was easy and the story with it's fast progression was never confusing or disorienting. Never once did I have to go back any pages to make sure I didn't miss anything. I like Holmes's writing, she makes you want to root the main characters on and the world she has created with the 4 houses (Fae, Werewolf, Witch, and Vampire) is enthralling.

So far the use of magic (blood magic in particular) was what I always thought magic to be so while it was fantasy it was realistic to me, well realistic a story set in modern times with magical creatures can be. The book left me wanting more and I can't wait to get my hands on the sequel.

While I really like the book there are a couple of things stopping me from completely falling in love with  it. First the beginning was slightly confusing as it treated the main character, Rose, like we should have known what was going one. We eventually got the backstory as the story progressed but it was a bit weird for me. Second, while yes Rose and Dar had this spell that bonded them together the horniness was a bit too much sometimes. Like really Rose, do you need to stare at Dar's butt and comment on it while this really important matter is happening? Lastly, The final battle and ending were a bit on the lackluster side and abrupt. Here we have this big baddie and it's just over after spending the entire book traveling and seeing the chaos she can do. Plus, what's happening at the end? While we get a tiny little hint about what's coming in the second book, I just expected something more. Maybe it's just me not wanting the story to end.

Well, whatever it was I can't wait until the sequel is out.

About The Author
D.J. Holmes writes about complex worlds with complex characters. She is filled with sarcasm and humor. She is fond of Geekery, Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction and Romance. One of her greatest accomplishments is that here mother called her Machiavellian twice. She is also the author of thriller novel Roulette book 1 of the Legacy Fleet Universe

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