Friday, November 17, 2017

I wrote a Children's book, then read it to kids!

Hello Fellow Readers,

Before I continue with this post I want to say I did not do this voluntarily, I actually did this for my college ethics class. The experience however was so fun, and since this blog is all about books I decided to share it here with you!

So my goal in writing this book was to make a ethical story and present it in a way a child would be able to understand. After debating what I wanted to write about I came up with a story about a blind cat name Kit Kat looking for acceptance and a family. He of course goes on a adventure to achieve this goal and when feels like giving up hope he finally finds what he needs. 

I used storybyrd to create the book, which was actually fun! I didn't get frustrated of anything, which I thought I would. 

I think reading the story to the kids is what I loved the most. The program that we partner with has a bus filled with books and healthy snacks that travel to at-risk areas after school to give kids and teens a alternative choice as an afterschool activity. It's free and completely run by volunteers. It was amazing and the volunteers were so passionate about what they were doing. It was great.

I really do recommend someone do this at least once. Books helped me a lot when I was younger and I really wished they had a program like this when I was younger. You don't have to write a book like I did but volunteering for programs like this is awesome and gives you and the kids such an amazing experience!

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