Saturday, May 9, 2020

Life Update!

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*Originally posted on In Love, Beauty, and Fashion on 5/6/2020*

Hello Fellow Readers,

I don't usually post things like this on this blog but I just wanted to share this with you all.

So I haven't been posting, but that is because I've been busy. I've talked about how I am currently in college and well, this semester is my last. These past couple weeks have been intense and while I am saddened that this pandemic got in the way of what should have been an amazing last semester where I got to know people, networked, and communicated with my teachers. (Also, running my own research study, but it's okay...). I won't be able to walk for graduation with my family cheering me on, and taking pictures and having an experience to cherish, but while that was important to me, I can see the bigger picture.

All in All I am happy.

I am closing a big chapter in my life, something that took years (and maybe a meltdown or two) to get through and I am extremely proud of the fact that I am graduating college. At least, hopefully since I just finished my finals yesterday, but I'm digressing. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of what I can't do, I am going to focus on what my future hopefully has in store for me.

I know that finding a job is going to be difficult, made harder by all this chaos, but I have a great support system that will be here with me and make sure I get through it. If I got through a internship at the coroner's office, I can get through the hussle and bussle of the job market. Plus, it's not like my family won't have anything, I've decided to take pictures wearing the cap and gown so my family has memories of me even if they aren't here in person.

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