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Book Review: The Silver Arm by Ariele Sieling

Title: The Silver Arm
Series: Rove City #3
Author: Ariele Sieling
Genre: Retelling; Science Fiction
Publication Date: February 2, 2020

Maybelle works as a mechanic fixing bots and ships on Rove City and she loves it. Her life should be good. Except that her merchant father hasn’t returned from his most recent trip, her younger sisters need more than she can give them, and the family is quickly running out of money. Not to mention, Gabor, a local security guard, has decided he deserves Maybelle’s affections—at any cost.

She’s managing, until Gabor takes his attentions one step too far: he threatens her sisters. Maybelle realizes that she can’t protect them alone—it’s time to track her father down. But when she finally finds him, she discovers that it’s not that simple. He’s being held prisoner by Amarok, a temperamental cyborg who will only let her father go under one condition: Maybelle stays behind in his place.

For the sake of her sisters, she agrees, but soon discovers that there is far more to Amarok than meets the eye. The longer she stays on board his ship, the clearer it is that something strange is going on—but she doesn’t know what it is or how to fix it




*A Thank you to BookSirens for allowing me to read this. This is my honest and unbiased review*
Hello Fellow Reader

 So I really did not know what to expect form a science fiction retelling of beauty and the beast, but I got to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Sieling did an amazing job at making you like the main character, Maybelle. Maybelle is smart, responsible, and brave. Sieling also does a very good job at making you hate Gabor. 

As far as the plot went, I was very curious about Sedna and Amarok, while I was happy when they finally got to the explanation for him, I wish we did have more about their background. I like the use of bots and their descriptions as well as the mechanical aspects of the book. Sielings twist on beauty and the beast is very unique and I really wished the book was longer.

Overall, an enjoyable take on an old classic.

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