Monday, October 17, 2022

Book Review: The Accidental Viscountess by Caro Kinkead

Title: The Accidental Viscountess
Series: Just a Touch of Scandal 1
Author: Caro Kinkead
Genre: Historical; Romance
Publication Date: January 7th, 2020

Spinster and poor relation Dorothea Hindley is in London for one reason: to help launch her cousin into society, something that would be a great deal easier if Dorothea’s aunt hadn’t revived a long-standing feud with the mother of a viscount. The best Dorothea can expect for herself is a dreary marriage to a vicar. But in trying to keep her family from becoming the laughingstocks of London, Dorothea finds a surprising ally in the viscount himself.

Martin Drayton, Viscount Abernathy, can’t afford the distraction of the ancient feud his mother  insists on reviving. King George III lies mad at Windsor Castle and Martin is involved in supporting the Prince of Wales’ cause in the Regency Bill. But when he enlists Dorothea’s help to cool the flames of the feud, their undeniable attraction simply adds fuel to the fire.

Marrying a viscount never entered Dorothea’s head. But a moonlit kiss could lead to a scandal neither of them can afford. Can the accidental viscountess and her unexpected husband get their families to stop feuding long enough to save both the monarchy and their marriage?


Hello Fellow Reader,

I've had a itch to read a historical romance but unsure of which one I wanted. I picked The Accidental Viscountess because I wanted a juicy scandal. Now, there wasn't too much of a scandal but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. I really loved Dorothea, she was just so strong, level-headed, and logical. Of course, I rooted for her throughout the book, wanted nothing but a happy ending for her. 

Martin, on the other hand, was not my favorite love interest. At first, I really liked him but as the story progressed I kept thinking that maybe Dorothea deserved better, but due to his POV chapters I do understand his frustrations at certain times. The story was quick and fast paced as things seemed to progress very quickly. I must admit I was hoping this would be a but spicier than what it was, but those smutty scenes were done very well. Now, because things were too quickly, I feel like the ending wrapped up a bit too quickly.

Overall, an entertaining historical romance.


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