Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Graphic Novel Review: The Hard Tomorrow by Eleanor Davis

Title: The Hard Tomorrow
Author: Eleanor Davis
Genre: Comic; Graphic Novel
Publication Date: October 8th, 2019
Publisher: Drawn and Quarterly

Hannah is a thirty-something wife, home-health worker, and antiwar activist. Her husband, Johnny, is a stay-at-home pothead working—or "working"—on building them a house before the winter chill sets in. They're currently living and screwing in the back of a truck, hoping for a pregnancy, which seems like it will never come. Legs in the air, for a better chance at conception, Hannah scans fertility Reddits while Johnny dreams about propagating plants—kale, tomatoes—to ensure they have sufficient sustenance should the end times come, which, given their fragile democracy strained under the weight of a carceral state and the risk of horrible war, doesn’t seem so far off. Helping Hannah in her fight for the future is her best friend Gabby, a queer naturalist she idolizes and who adores her. Helping Johnny build the house is Tyler, an off-the-grid conspiracy theorist driven sick by his own cloudy notions of reality.

Told with tenderness and care in an undefined near future, Eleanor Davis's The Hard Tomorrow blazes unrestrained, as moments of human connection are doused in fear and threats. Her astute projections probe at current anxieties in a cautionary tale that begs the question: What will happen after tomorrow?


Hello Fellow Readers,

Just a quick review today. I went to the library recently, and I picked up a couple of books. In them was The Hard Tomorrow as it seemed really interesting. I just don't think I was in the right mindset to read this as I just found it sad and exhausting. First, The Illustrations are great and does justice to the story. Davis held nothing back with this story but honestly, I just hated everyone. Had I been in a different mindset this may have hit me more emotionally but I just did not care for it. 

Overall, not for me right now



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