Friday, June 2, 2023

Book Review: How Pot Murder by Jennifer J. Chow


Title: Hot Pot Murder
Series: L.A. Night Market #2
Author: Jennifer J. Chow
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publication Date: June 6, 2023
Publisher: Berkley

Trouble is brewing for cousins Yale and Celine Yee after a hot pot dinner gets overheated and ends in murder in this second novel of the L.A. Night Market series by Jennifer J. Chow.

Yale and Celine Yee’s food stall business is going so well that they’ve been invited to join an exclusive dinner with the local restaurant owners association. The members gather together for a relaxing hot pot feast…until Jeffery Vue, president of the group, receives a literal shock to his system and dies.

Everyone at the meal is a suspect, but the authorities are homing in on family friend Ai Ho, owner of the restaurant where Jeffery was killed—and Yale’s dad is a close second on their list. Yale and Celine step up to the plate and investigate the dinner attendees: the association’s ambitious VP, a familiar frenemy, a ramen king, a snacks shopkeeper, and a second-generation restaurateur. It’s up to the detecting duo to figure out what really happened before their friends and family have to close their businesses for good.


*I received an advanced review copy for free and I am leaving this unbiased review voluntarily*

Hello Fellow Readers, 

This series is quickly becoming one of my cozy favorites, and I am so happy that I am able to read along as it releases and I can grow with the characters. Just like last time I really loved Yale and Celine both are just amazing. I do love that they have grown closer and even though they are so different from each other, they still support each other. 

I was right in my last review and Nik had a bigger role but Chow has made him more likable. I was also partially wrong as I thought he would be Yale's love interest but it turns out this wasn't the case. The case was interesting in this one as we got a closer look at Yale's restaurant community and the recurring people who no doubt will make more appearances in upcoming books. I did guess the killer pretty early but I didn't mind as I was having fun being along for the ride. 

There was also a subplot that had to do with Celine and her parents which I found interesting. It gave more insight into Celine and her family dynamic. I do love Celine and I hope once the series is more established the author will think about doing a novella/ side story with Celine as the main character, and I think it would be interesting.

Overall, a fun second book to a series that is becoming my favorite. 

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